Naturopathy Course

Naturopathy is an ancient medicinal practice with the help of plants as well as other natural elements. In India, naturopathy is commonly referred to as Ayurveda . Now be a part of nature with Nature courses and start you own business in your residence and be a nathuropathy Doctor .

Courses Offered

Naturopathy(DNYS/YOGA) courses in India are divided into multiple sections including advanced courses, diploma courses .

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The eligibility criteria vary from one college to the other. However, most of the colleges prefer candidates with a minimum of 45% in aggregate at the +2 level. Besides, candidates need to have Biology, Chemistry and Physics as compulsory subjects in the twelfth standard. If you have done +2 with Arts or Commerce you can still be a naturopathy doctor by just giving one more exam included in this course .No age limit is there .

Career Prospects

Naturopathy is often practiced in combination with other forms of alternative medicines such as Reiki, homoeopathy, acupuncture etc

naturopaths are appointed in government as well as private hospitals and health centres. They can also start their own venture where there is high density of population. Naturopathy is getting increasingly popular in all countries across the globe, including India, among people who wish to escape the various side effects and symptoms caused by the allopathic system of medicine. Hence the scope of employment in this sphere is broadening.


Naturopaths generally earn more in their own ventures or clinics. The earnings vary; depending on the number of clients they see everyday. Self-employed naturopaths earn in the range of Rs. 10,000–Rs.20,000 per month. In developed countries like UK and US the salary range varies between USD 15,000–25,000 per annum.

Some naturopaths are also absorbed in private and government hospitals depending upon the strength. They are paid more or less Rs.10,000 per month.

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Diploma Certificate

You will receive marksheets after every exam .And diploma certificate from Akhil Bhartiya Prakritik Chikitsa Parishad ,Delhi .We Medical House ,Ghaziabad are affiliated to this institute .


  • C.E.N.Y (Six Month Course)

    1. History of naturopathy
      1. Nature
      2. Naturopathy
    2. Health and Nature Cure.
    3. Ram Nam and Nature Cure.
      1. Ram Nama
    4. Wrong eating habit.
    5. Gandhian Philosophy of Nature Cure.
    6. Five Elements
    7. Foreign Matters
    8. Raw Eating
    9. Acute and chronic Diseases
    10. Shat Karm, Yog and Pranayam:
    11. Asan
    12. Pranayam
  • C.N.Y.T. (Formerly Upcharak) one year course

    1. Massage
      1. Thermal Massage
    2. Food Therapy
    3. Human Body
      1. Knowledge about Body Parts
    4. Health and Nature
    5. Various Diseases and their naturopathic Treatment
  • DNYS – Three and Half Years Course

    1. Natural Hygiene & Public Health
      1. Public Health


Fess for all these courses is very less for a limited time .For more queries call 9818647747 .

Exam Sessions

There are two session

June Session –> Exams will be held in month of June

December Session –> Exam will be held in month of DEC

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Different Educational Programmes are Designed with the aim of disseminating the scientific knowledge of Nature Cure & Yoga Therapy through the educated people parishad plans to promote Nature Cure& Yoga all over the world promoting Gangdhian thought of better health for the last layer of the society in order to translate this into action an educational programme has been envisaged as detailed in subsequent paragraphs.

Academic Session

There will be two academic sessions in a year. These sessions will start from first January and second july with their annual examinations scheduled to be held after a laps of eleven month s in the second week of December & june (Preferably on second Saturday &Sunday)respectively

Medium of Instruction & Examination is Hindi/English
All other regional languages also can be allowed is Possible

Courses offered:-

Certificate in Elementary Naturopathy & Yoga (C.E.N.Y.) PRAVESH Six month Course.
Eligibility : Tenth class or equivalent Exception can be made in the case of the personal who have an experience of Nature Care & yoga of atleast 10 Years and have proficiency in writing Hindi/English

Certificate in Naturopathy & Yoga Technique (C.N.Y.T.) formerly UPCHARAK one year courses
Eligibility : Class XIIth (10+2) or equivalent or C.E.N.Y. Pravesh (Examination of the Parishad) Passed

Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (D.N.Y.S.)31/2 Year course including six months House Job.

Eligibility Senior Secondary (10+2) or Intermediate or C.N.Y.T. (Formerly Upcharak) or One/Two year Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga from state or central Govt. Recognized Institution or Diploma in Naturopathy from Arogya mandir Gorakhpur Medical Graduates recognized by Govt. & Registered with their respective medical councils are eligible to enroll himself directly for the DNYS IInd year course thus they can complete the course with in 2 1/2 year Duration.There will also be an additional compulsory paper of general science (100 marks) for eligible candidate of DNYS Ist year Examination who have not studied & passed Biology at Intermediate Examination or CNYT.

Admission Procedure

A Physically & Mentally fit candidate who has attained the age of 17 year having the eligible qualification of course preferred, shall submit the prescribed enrolment from, obtainable from the office of the parishad or study centre affiliated with the parishad on cash payment of rupees fifty(Rs.50) or rupees eighty(Rs.80) by post along with one hundred rupees(Rs.100) enrolment fee well in advance before the commencement of the course. Selected application form duly filled in and completed must be accompanied with necessary documents. The enrolment stand cancelled automatically after a discontinuity of two regular sessions . this can be renewed on application after a payment or rupees one hundred . Further renewal is not allowed.

Method of Teaching
The study centre will make necessary arrangements of prescribed teaching & training according to syllabus (see appendix I) for the trainees enrolment through them they can change the arrangements fee for the same . arrangements will be made by the parishad also to provide practical training with experienced naturopaths in a reputed nature care centre any where the country. This will help in learning the practical use of different techniques and modalities of treatment and prevention of reoccurrence of the disease. Only actual expenses will have to be borne by the trainee.

Examination From

Each enrolled candidate shall be required to submit the dully filled in examination from (to be made available from the office of the parishad ) along with prescribed fee Typed of Photostat forms will not be accepted. Last date for submission of examination from for june examination is 31st March & 30th September for December examination. The form can be submitted in the parishad office with late fee of rupees 100/-(one hundred) upto 45 days before the examination. From received after the last date shall be kept in pending for the next session if so desired by the candidate in advance.
Examination Details
1. All examination centers will be decided by the Parishad and the candidate is bound to appear in the examination from the same centre In case a candidate wishes to change the centre, she/he should submit request application 30 day before the commencement of the examination with a fee of Rs. 100/-(one hundred) on which parishads decision will be final.
2. Written examination will be organninsed in two session perday. First session will be held in between 9 AM to 12 Noon & second session will be held in between 2PM to 5PM.
3. There shall be only one centre in a city for 100 or more candidate .if the number is less than 100 candidates in a city the candidate will be allotted some other centre outside the city /district/state. Parishad can create additional centers at its own desecration.
4. A candidate who fails to appear in the examination on medical grounds has to submit medical certificate along with an application within fifteen days of the examination unless their examination fee shall be forfeited. He has to submit his admit card along with a fee of rupees fifty with application on plain paper for revalidation to appear in the examination 60 day before the examination. Only one session gap is allowed in this case.
5. A candidate who fails is science only can appear in II year examination before II year examination, but he has to pass this examination before III year examination of D.N.Y.S.
6. A candidate who fails in one written paper only , can apply for supplementary examination scheduled to be held with the next examination along with a fee of rupees two hundred well in the same schedule of the coming examination. A candidate can apply for rechecking after the declaration of the results with in one month along with requisite fee.

7. Viva, Practical & sectional? Project work is a compulsory part of the examination. Candidates who do not clear viva, Practical & sectional/Project work, shall be declared unsuccessful into the relevant examination. Viva, Practical and sectional/Project work is of 100-100 marks each separately.

8. A candidate whose attendance is very poor during the training, will not be allowed to appear in the examinations.

9. Minimum pass marks for each & every paper , viva ,practical examination is 50%(IInd division) A candidate who secure 60% or more mark , will be declared first division . Achievement of 75% or more marks by a candidate will be distinction mark.

10. An unsuccessful candidate can appear in next full examination. He/she will have to submit fresh application from along with the required examination fee. 11-
A – There shall be only one written paper in C.E.N.Y.
B – There shall be two written papers of 100-100 marks, 100 mark viva & 100 mark practical work in CNYT in their annual examination.
C – There shall be two written paper of 100-100 marks, 100 mark viva, 100 mark practical work for project/ seasonal work in each year of DNYS in their annual

Fee Schedule
Examination form fee- 50/-
Late fee 200/-
Re- Checking fee 200/-
Science Paper fee 200/-
CENY Examination fee1500/-
CNYT Examination fee1500/-
DNYS Ist Year Examination fee5000/-
DNYS IInd Year Examination fee5000/-
DNYS IIIrd Year Examination fee5000/-

Class and practical fee to be decided by each centre. Fee deposited once shall not be refunded. If a candidate submits proper reason for his/her absence in the examination with in the 15 days after the examination, his/her fee can be adjusted in the next examination only if the parshad decides. The decision of the parishad will be final.

Certificate of Examination
The parishad will issue the certificate only after the passing of examinations according to its schedule. A candidate after passing the DNYS IIIrd year examination will have to undertake 6 months regular practical house job in the centres recognized by the parishad. After the completion of this training the candidate has to apply for the certificate on the prescribed from duly filled with necessary documents. On submission of the application form along with one hundred rupees (Rs.100/-) certificate fee can get it after successful interview & oath for good conduct.

Special Remark:- Trained candidate will be responsible for their illegal activities. Parishads decision to change the rules and regulations shall be final. Jurisdiction area will be within delhi territory.


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